Python Script Engine  1.0
GL Studio Editor Python Script API
GlsTextBox Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  Align_t {
- Public Types inherited from Text
enum  Justify_t {
- Public Types inherited from DisplayObject
enum  MemberAccess_e {
enum  PickableType_e {
enum  PolygonClose_e {
enum  PolygonMode_e {
enum  ShadingType_e {
enum  TextureMap_e {
enum  TextureFilter_e {
enum  TessellateType_e {
enum  RotationAxis_e {
enum  LineStyle_e {
enum  AlphaMode_e {

Public Member Functions

 GlsTextBox ()
 GlsTextBox (GlsTextBox &src)
bool LeftToRight ()
void LeftToRight (bool &leftToRight)
float TabSpacing ()
void TabSpacing (float &spacing)
Align_t VerticalAlignment ()
void VerticalAlignment (Align_t &alignment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Text
float Baseline ()
void Baseline (float baselineShift)
GlsColor BgColor ()
void BgColor (GlsColor &color)
float Border ()
void Border (float units)
float CellHeight ()
void CellHeight (float height)
float CellWidth ()
void CellWidth (float width)
float CharScaling ()
void CharScaling (float newScale)
float CharSpacing ()
void CharSpacing (float horizontalSpacing)
bool ConstrainCellRatio ()
void ConstrainCellRatio (bool constrainRatio)
bool ControlCellSize ()
void ControlCellSize (bool control)
bool FauxBold ()
void FauxBold (bool bold)
Font Font ()
void Font (Font &font)
bool Halo ()
void Halo (bool halo)
GlsColor HaloColor ()
void HaloColor (GlsColor &color)
bool Inverse ()
void Inverse (bool inverse)
Justify_t Justify ()
void Justify (Justify_t justification)
float LineSpacing ()
void LineSpacing (float spacing)
bool LockCellSize ()
void LockCellSize (bool lock)
bool Shadow ()
void Shadow (bool shadow)
GlsColor ShadowColor ()
void ShadowColor (GlsColor &color)
Vector ShadowOffset ()
void ShadowOffset (Vector &offset)
bool StrikeThru ()
void StrikeThru (bool strike)
String String ()
void String (String &s)
GlsColor TextColor ()
void TextColor (GlsColor &color)
bool Underline ()
void Underline (bool underline)
bool Uppercase ()
void Uppercase (bool uppercase)
bool WrapText ()
void WrapText (bool wrap)
void ShadowDistance (float distance)
float ShadowDistance ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GLPolygon
 GLPolygon (VertexArray &vertices)
 GLPolygon (VertexArray &vertices, Vector &location)
 GLPolygon (std::vector< Vertex > vertices)
 GLPolygon (std::vector< Vertex > vertices, Vector &location)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DisplayObject
bool isNULL (void)
String GetName ()
String SetName (String name)
void SetProtectionMode (DisplayObject::MemberAccess_e mode)
DisplayObject::MemberAccess_e GetProtectionMode (void)
void SetLocked (bool val)
bool GetLocked (void)
bool GetGenerateMemberVariable ()
void SetGenerateMemberVariable (bool b)
bool GetAntiAliasing ()
void SetAntiAliasing (bool antiAliasing)
bool GetBlinking ()
void SetBlinking (bool blinking)
float GetBlinkRate ()
void SetBlinkRate (float rate)
int GetAlphaMode ()
void SetAlphaMode (int mode)
bool GetCullBackFaces ()
void SetCullBackFaces (bool cullFaces)
bool GetZBufferTestedFlag ()
void SetZBufferTestedFlag (bool tested)
bool GetAffectZBufferFlag ()
void SetAffectZBufferFlag (bool affect)
bool GetLightingEnabledFlag ()
void SetLightingEnabledFlag (bool enabled)
DisplayObject::PickableType_e GetPickMode ()
void SetPickMode (DisplayObject::PickableType_e mode)
bool GetVisibilityFlag ()
void SetVisibilityFlag (bool visible)
PolygonClose_e GetClosePolygonFlag ()
void SetClosePolygonFlag (PolygonClose_e closePolygon)
PolygonMode_e GetPolygonMode ()
void SetPolygonMode (PolygonMode_e polygonMode)
ShadingType_e GetShadingMode ()
void SetShadingMode (ShadingType_e shadingMode)
Vertex GetLocation ()
void SetLocation (Vertex loc)
Vertex GetRotationPoint ()
void SetRotationPoint (Vertex rotPoint)
GlsMatrixAffineGetDcsMatrix ()
void SetDcsMatrix (GlsMatrixAffine *matrix)
int GetMaterialIndex ()
void SetMaterialIndex (int matIndex)
String GetObjectClassName ()
int GetTextureIndex ()
void SetTextureIndex (int texIndex)
TextureMap_e GetTextureMappingTechnique ()
void SetTextureMappingTechnique (TextureMap_e mappingTechnique)
bool GetTextureRepeat ()
void SetTextureRepeat (bool repeat)
disti::GlsColor GetBlendingColor ()
void SetBlendingColor (GlsColor blendColor)
DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e GetTextureMagnificationFilter ()
void SetTextureMagnificationFilter (DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e filter)
DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e GetTextureMinificationFilter ()
void SetTextureMinificationFilter (DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e filter)
std::vector< VectorGetTextureCoordinates ()
void SetTextureCoordinates (std::vector< Vector > texVerts)
void GetTextureCoordinates (VertexArray *texVerts)
void SetTextureCoordinates (VertexArray &texVerts)
void GetTexturePoints (VertexArray *texVerts)
void SetTexturePoints (VertexArray &texVerts)
void SetTexturePoints (std::vector< Vector > texVerts)
std::vector< VectorGetTexturePoints ()
void GetVertices (VertexArray *verts)
void SetVertices (VertexArray &verts)
String GetInitialization ()
void SetInitialization (String initCode)
String GetCallbackCode ()
void SetCallbackCode (String cbCode)
DisplayObjectDuplicateObject (Document *doc=NULL)
DisplayObjectTessellateObject ()
DisplayObjectExtrudeObject (float amount)
void RotateObject (float amount, RotationAxis_e axis)
void TranslateObject (float x, float y, float z)
void ScaleObject (float x, float y, float z, Vertex *anchor=NULL)
void LineWidth (float width)
float LineWidth ()
LineStyle_e LineStyle ()
void LineStyle (LineStyle_e style)
GlsColor LineColor ()
void LineColor (GlsColor color)
GlsColor FillColor ()
void FillColor (GlsColor color)
void GetExtents (Vector &min, Vector &max)
bool HasUserDefinedAttribute (String attribName)
std::map< String, String > GetUserDefinedAttributes ()
String GetUserDefinedAttributeValue (String attribName)
 typemap (check) String attribName
void SetUserDefinedAttributeValue (String attribName, String value)
DisplayObjectGetParent ()
DocumentGetDocument ()
String AlternateClassName ()
void AlternateClassName (String name)
String GetAlternateClassHeaderFile ()
void SetAlternateClassHeaderFile (String name)
String GetResources ()
String GetRuntimeResources (bool recursive)
String GetAttributeValueString (String attribName)
void SetAttributeValueString (String attribName, String value)
unsigned int RegisterObserver (String attribName, PyObject *pyfunc)
void UnregisterObserver (String attribName, unsigned int id)
std::vector< VectorGetNormals ()
void SetNormals (std::vector< Vector > normals)
std::vector< CustomAttributeInfoGetExtraAttributes ()
DisplayObjectCloneObject ()
void CopyProperties (DisplayObject *sourceObj)
void SetLocation (Vector loc)
GlsMatrixAffine GetObjectCoordinatesTransform (DisplayObject *targetObject)
void CalculateParentBoundingBox ()
void SetOrigin (Vertex &vert)

Static Public Member Functions

static GlsTextBoxCastToGlsTextBox (DisplayObject *obj)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GLPolygon
static GLPolygonCastToGLPolygon (DisplayObject *obj)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from DisplayObject
static int TEXTURE_INDEX_NONE = -1

Detailed Description

Python extension used to modify and create GlsTextBox editor objects.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Vertical text alignment values.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GlsTextBox::GlsTextBox ( )

default constructor

GlsTextBox::GlsTextBox ( GlsTextBox src)

copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

static GlsTextBox* GlsTextBox::CastToGlsTextBox ( DisplayObject obj)

Casts the Display Object as a GlsTextBox NOTE: perform an isNULL check on the returned value to ensure the cast was accomplished.

objobjects to cast
GlsTextBox the GlsTextBox
bool GlsTextBox::LeftToRight ( )

Gets the text direction flag.

True if the text direction is set to left-to-right else false for right-to-left.
void GlsTextBox::LeftToRight ( bool &  leftToRight)

Sets the text direction flag.

leftToRightTrue to set the direction to left-to-right, false to set it to right-to-left.
float GlsTextBox::TabSpacing ( )

Gets the tab space multiplier.

The current tab space multiplier.
void GlsTextBox::TabSpacing ( float &  spacing)

Sets the tab space multiplier This value is multiplied by the current font's tab spacing.

spacingThe spacing multiplier to use.
Align_t GlsTextBox::VerticalAlignment ( )

Gets the vertical justification.

The vertical justification for this object's text.
void GlsTextBox::VerticalAlignment ( Align_t alignment)

Sets the vertical justification.

alignmentThe vertical justification mode to use (ALIGN_TOP, ALIGN_BOTTOM, ALIGN_CENTER).

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