Python Script Engine  1.0
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MaterialArray Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 MaterialArray ()
void Insert (disti::Material &mat)
unsigned int GetCount (void)

Detailed Description

Common editor interface MaterialArray.

If the MaterialArray instance is empty, it will return 'False' in comparison checks.

1 # Python:
2 import MaterialArray
3 materialArray = MaterialArray.MaterialArray()
4 if materialArray: # Will be False
5  pass
6 materialArray.Insert( someMaterial )
7 if materialArray: # Will be True
8  pass

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MaterialArray::MaterialArray ( )

default ctor

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int MaterialArray::GetCount ( void  )

get the number of elements in the array

the number of elements in the array
void MaterialArray::Insert ( disti::Material &  mat)

insert the given material at the end of the array

matmaterial to insert

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