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Project Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

String GetTopLevelDesignFile ()
Kitting::ComparableVersion GetRequiredGLStudioVersion ()
void AddToolbarItem (EditorUI::GuiItem *item)
void AddObjectButton (EditorUI::Button *button, String group)
String GetCurrentDeploymentName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Kitting::HasRequiredGLStudioVerison
virtual ~HasRequiredGLStudioVerison ()

Detailed Description

Class representing a Project in the GL Studio editor.

Member Function Documentation

void Project::AddObjectButton ( EditorUI::Button *  button,
String  group 

Add a button to the object toolbox.

buttonthe button to add.
groupwhich group to add the button to in the object toolbox
void Project::AddToolbarItem ( EditorUI::GuiItem *  item)

Add an item to the project toolbar.

itemthe item to add.
String Project::GetCurrentDeploymentName ( )

Return the deployment currently used for the project.

Current deployment string
GL Studio 6.2.1
Kitting::ComparableVersion Project::GetRequiredGLStudioVersion ( )
String Project::GetTopLevelDesignFile ( )

Gets the root path of the project, where the project file is located.

Gets the top-level .gls file for the project

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