Python Script Engine  1.0
GL Studio Editor Python Script API
RSOAvailableAttributesArray Class Reference

Public Member Functions

unsigned int GetCount (void)
String GetAttribute (unsigned int attribIdx)
bool IsAttributeInArray (String attribute)

Detailed Description

Common editor interface RSO available attributes array.

If the RSOAvailableAttributesArray instance is empty, it will return 'False' in comparison checks.

1 # Python:
2 import ComponentRef
4 attrArray = compRef.GetAvailableAttributes()
5 if attrArray: # Will be False if componentref has no available attributes
6  pass

Member Function Documentation

String RSOAvailableAttributesArray::GetAttribute ( unsigned int  attribIdx)

get an attribute from the array

attribIdxzero based index to desired attribute( < GetCount() )
the desired attribute from the array
CEIExceptionif index is out of rangeF
unsigned int RSOAvailableAttributesArray::GetCount ( void  )

get the number of available attributes in the array

the number of available attributes in the array
bool RSOAvailableAttributesArray::IsAttributeInArray ( String  attribute)

determine if the given attribute is in the array

attributedesired attribute

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