GL Studio C++ Runtime API
AttributeName Class Reference

#include <disti_metadata.h>

Public Member Functions

 AttributeName (const std::string &name)
AttributeName (const char *name)
 AttributeName (long stringIndex)
 AttributeName (const AttributeName &other)
 Copy constructor.
AttributeNameoperator= (const AttributeName &other)
 Copy assignment.
long StringIndex () const
 Returns the index to the string associate with this instance.
 operator std::string () const
 Defines the cast operator to make this look like a std::string for reading.

Detailed Description

AttributeName class can be treated like a std::string in some instances It creates static storage for any referenced name. This results in only one copy for each name which saves memory Very fast comparison between references to names

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AttributeName ( const std::string &  name)

Constructor Explicit because construction of an AttributeName is an expensive operation. If possible you should use a static AttrbuteName object rather than constructing a new one each time it is needed.

namethe desired Name
* AttributeName ( const char *  name)

Constructor See comments on AttributeName(const std::string &name)

namethe desired Name
AttributeName ( long  stringIndex)


stringIndexThe index into the string map.

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