Python Script Engine  8.0
GL Studio Editor Python Script API
Kitting::ComparableVersion Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ComparableVersion (Version &minVersion, Version &maxVersion, String minCompare, String maxCompare)
Version GetMinVersion ()
Version GetMaxVersion ()
String GetMinCompare ()
String GetMaxCompare ()
bool IsOtherSufficient (Version &version)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Kitting::ComparableVersion::ComparableVersion ( Version minVersion,
Version maxVersion,
String  minCompare,
String  maxCompare 

Member Function Documentation

String Kitting::ComparableVersion::GetMaxCompare ( )
Version Kitting::ComparableVersion::GetMaxVersion ( )
String Kitting::ComparableVersion::GetMinCompare ( )
Version Kitting::ComparableVersion::GetMinVersion ( )
bool Kitting::ComparableVersion::IsOtherSufficient ( Version version)

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