Python Script Engine  8.0
GL Studio Editor Python Script API
PythonScriptEngineCmdLine Class Reference

Module Methods

Methods that can be called on the module.

String GetCmdLine ()
String GetScriptName ()
String GetScriptArgs ()

Detailed Description

Allows access to the command line arguments passed to GL Studio upon startup.

Member Function Documentation

String GetCmdLine ( )

Gets the commandline arguments that are being passed to the executing script.

a leading space, the script name and the script args seperated by a space NOTE: This interface is not recommended for accessing arguments because there can be arbitrary spaces in the script name. Instead use GetScriptArgs()
See also
GetScriptName to get only the name, GetScriptArgs for the arguments (space delimited)
Use Python's sys.argv
String GetScriptArgs ( )

Gets the arguments to the script (space delimited)

the arguments
Use Python's sys.argv[1:]
String GetScriptName ( )

Gets the name of the script, wich can include path information.

the script name
Use Python's sys.argv[0]

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