GlsMap Toolkit  1.3.1
disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource Class Reference

#include <gls_map_geotiff.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource:

Public Member Functions

 GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource (void)
virtual ~GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource ()
void LoadGeoTIFF (const std::string &str)
void UnloadGeoTIFF (const std::string &str)
void SetTargetCellLoadRate (const double targetCellLoadRate)
double GetTargetCellLoadRate (void) const
virtual bool GetAvailableCoverage (GeoRect *dest)
virtual unsigned long GetBestLayer (GlsMapView *view, GlsMapChart *chart)
virtual void GetCellList (const GeoRect &coverage, unsigned long layerID, MapChartCellList *viewList)
virtual void PostDraw (GlsMapView *view, GlsMapChart *chart)
void SetCacheCount (const unsigned int cacheCount)
unsigned int GetCacheCount (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from disti::GlsMapChartDataSource
virtual ~GlsMapChartDataSource ()
virtual bool AreAllCellsLoaded (GlsMapView *view, GlsMapChart *chart)

Protected Member Functions

void SearchDirectory (const std::string &entity, const std::string &originalLoadString)
void LoadGeoTIFF (const std::string &str, const std::string &originalLoadString)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from disti::GlsMapChartDataSource
 GlsMapChartDataSource ()

Protected Attributes

GeoRect _extents
std::vector< GeoTIFFImageHolder * > _imageHolders

Detailed Description

Runtime implementation of a GlsMapGeoTIFF

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource ( void  )

Create a new GlsMapGeoTIFF.

virtual disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::~GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource ( )

Destructs a GlsMapGeoTIFF object

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::GetAvailableCoverage ( GeoRect dest)

Sets a GeoRect to describe the area containing all areas covered by this MapDataSource. This area may change as different databases are loaded. Calling this method may be slow.

destPointer to a GeoRect to recieve the coverage.
true on success (dest contains the coverage description) or false if there was an error (dest is undefined)

Implements disti::GlsMapChartDataSource.

virtual unsigned long disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::GetBestLayer ( GlsMapView view,
GlsMapChart chart 

Returns the cell layer ('zoom level') that best matches the given area.

viewThe GlsMapView used to draw the chart
chartThe GlsMapChart that is being drawn
The recommended layer to use.

Implements disti::GlsMapChartDataSource.

virtual void disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::GetCellList ( const GeoRect coverage,
unsigned long  layerID,
MapChartCellList *  viewList 

Get the list of the available cells in a given coverage area. The caller will AddRef() any of the cells that it will be holding a reference to.

coverageGeoRect describing the requested area.
layerIDWhich layer to return MapCells from.
viewListPointer MapChartCellList to recieve the list of available cells

Implements disti::GlsMapChartDataSource.

double disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::GetTargetCellLoadRate ( void  ) const

Get the target rate in hz at which cells will be loaded

target rate in hz else 0.0 for no target rate ( i.e. load as quickly as possible )
void disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::LoadGeoTIFF ( const std::string &  str)

Load one or more GeoTIFF images.

strA string containing one filename, a comma separated list of filenames a directory to parse, recursively, looking for files to load.
virtual void disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::PostDraw ( GlsMapView view,
GlsMapChart chart 

Called after all the cells have been drawn to allow the data source to perform additional rendering if needed.

viewThe GlsMapView used to draw the chart
chartThe GlsMapChart that is being drawn

Reimplemented from disti::GlsMapChartDataSource.

void disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::SetCacheCount ( const unsigned int  cacheCount)

Set the count of the layer cache

cacheCountmax number of layers to cache else 0u to disable layer caching
void disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::SetTargetCellLoadRate ( const double  targetCellLoadRate)

Set the target rate in hz at which cells will be loaded

targetCellLoadRatetarget rate in hz else 0.0 for no target rate ( i.e. load as quickly as possible )
void disti::GeoTIFFMapChartDataSource::UnloadGeoTIFF ( const std::string &  str)

Unload one or more GeoTIFF images.

strMust be the same string passed to LoadGeoTIFF

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