GlsMap Toolkit  1.7.0
disti::GeoCoord::EllipsoidParams Class Reference

#include <gls_map_util.h>

Public Member Functions

 EllipsoidParams (double radius, double flattening)
void SetEllipsoid (double radius, double flattening)
double Radius () const
double Flattening () const
double a () const
double f () const
double a_sq () const
double b () const
double b_sq () const
double a_sq_over_b () const
double e () const
double c1 () const
double a_b () const
double a_sq_sq () const
double b_sq_sq () const
double two_over_a () const
double two_over_b () const
double two_over_a_sq () const
double two_over_b_sq () const
double e_sq () const
double ep_sq () const
double ef () const
double e_sq_to_3 () const
double ef_to_3 () const
double ef_to4 () const
double poly1_a () const
double poly2_a () const
double poly3_a () const
double poly4_a () const
double poly5_a () const
double poly1_b () const
double poly2_b () const
double poly3_b () const
double poly4_b () const

Protected Attributes

double _a
double _f
double _a_sq
double _b
double _b_sq
double _a_sq_over_b
double _e
double _c1
double _a_b
double _a_sq_sq
double _b_sq_sq
double _two_over_a
double _two_over_b
double _two_over_a_sq
double _two_over_b_sq
double _e_sq
double _ep_sq
double _ef
double _e_sq_to_3
double _ef_to_3
double _ef_to_4
double _poly1_a
double _poly2_a
double _poly3_a
double _poly4_a
double _poly5_a
double _poly1_b
double _poly2_b
double _poly3_b
double _poly4_b

Detailed Description

The EllipsoidParams class is used to store data about the reference ellipsoid used for geodetic coordinate conversions. The GeoCoord methods use the WGS84 reference ellipsoid by default.

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