GlsMap Toolkit  1.7.0
disti::DNCUtil::Tri Struct Reference

#include <dnc_util.h>

Public Member Functions

double GetArea (void) const
bool PointTest (const VPFUtil::Coord2DLong &p) const

Public Attributes

VPFUtil::Coord2DLong p1
VPFUtil::Coord2DLong p2
VPFUtil::Coord2DLong p3

Detailed Description

one triangle of an area ( CCW winding )

Member Function Documentation

double disti::DNCUtil::Tri::GetArea ( void  ) const

Get the area of the triangle

area of the triangle
bool disti::DNCUtil::Tri::PointTest ( const VPFUtil::Coord2DLong p) const

Determine if the given point falls within the triangle. NOTE: algorithm requires that triangle is wound CCW

ppoint in question
true if point falls within triangle else false

Member Data Documentation

VPFUtil::Coord2DLong disti::DNCUtil::Tri::p1

first point of tri

VPFUtil::Coord2DLong disti::DNCUtil::Tri::p2

second point of tri

VPFUtil::Coord2DLong disti::DNCUtil::Tri::p3

third point of tri

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