GlsMap Toolkit  1.8.0
disti::GlsMapChart Class Reference

#include <gls_map_chart.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for disti::GlsMapChart:

Public Types

typedef DisplayObject BaseClass

Public Member Functions

 GlsMapChart (bool generateInstance=false)
virtual ~GlsMapChart ()
virtual void SetAvailableAttributes (unsigned int value)
virtual DisplayObject * CloneObject (bool generateNames=false)
virtual void CopyProperties (DisplayObject *src)
virtual InterfaceListType * GetCppInterfaceDescription (InterfaceListType *addToThisList=NULL)
virtual void GetCppInterfaceDescriptionFree (InterfaceListType *array)
virtual void PreDraw (const OpenGLMatrices &parentMatrices, Culler &culler)
virtual void Draw (void)
virtual DisplayObject * handle (DisplayEvent *ev)
virtual void SetValue (int spec, va_list &args)
GlsMapViewGetMapView ()
virtual void SetDataSource (GlsMapChartDataSource *database)
GlsMapChartDataSourceGetDataSource ()
void ShowLoadingCells (const bool &value)
bool ShowLoadingCells ()
bool BindLoadingImage ()

Static Public Member Functions

static DisplayObject * CreateInstance ()

Protected Attributes

bool _showLoadingCells
MapChartCellMgr * _cellMgr


class GlsMapChartEditor

Detailed Description

Runtime implementation of a GlsMapChart

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

disti::GlsMapChart::GlsMapChart ( bool  generateInstance = false)

Create a new GlsMapChart.

generateInstanceWhether or not to generate an instance name for this inputdevice
disti::GlsMapChart::~GlsMapChart ( )

Destructs a GlsMapChart object

Member Function Documentation

bool disti::GlsMapChart::BindLoadingImage ( )

Utility method. Not normally called by user. May be removed in future releases.

GlsMapChartDataSource* disti::GlsMapChart::GetDataSource ( )
pointer to the GlsMapChartDataSource this chart is using or NULL if the chart is not using a data source.
GlsMapView* disti::GlsMapChart::GetMapView ( )
pointer to the GlsMapView that the chart will use for rendering or NULL if not found.
void disti::GlsMapChart::SetDataSource ( GlsMapChartDataSource database)

Set the GlsMapChartDataSource to use for rendering. The creator of the GlsMapChartDataSource instance is responsible for deleting it.

databasePointer to the GlsMapChartDataSource to use
void disti::GlsMapChart::ShowLoadingCells ( const bool &  value)

If true, the GlsMapChart will display MapChartCells that have not yet loaded using it's own texture settings. Default: false

bool disti::GlsMapChart::ShowLoadingCells ( )
Whether the GlsMapChart will display MapChartCells that have not yet loaded

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