GlsMenuData Class Reference

#include <gls_menu_data.h>

Inheritance diagram for GlsMenuData:
GlsMenuData_T< T > GlsMenuData_T< std::string > GlsMenuDataContainer_T< T > GlsMenuDataFactory GlsMenuDataGroup GlsMenuDataMap_T< MapT > GlsMenuDiscrete_T< T > GlsMenuLine GlsMenu GlsMenuDynDataGroup GlsMenuItemState GlsMFDSubmenu_T< MenuItemId_t > GlsMenuAction GlsMenu_T< MenuItem_t, MenuItemId_t > GlsMenu_T< MenuItem_t, GlsMFD::MenuItemId_t > GlsMenuDataGroup_T< T > GlsMenuHandlerGroup_T< T > GlsMenuHandlerGroup_T< GlsMenuTimer > GlsMenuHandlerGroup_T< Menu_t > GlsMenuHandlerGroup_T< State_t >

Public Member Functions

 GlsMenuData (const std::string &name, bool localStorage)
virtual ~GlsMenuData ()
virtual void Inc (long amount=1)

Detailed Description

The GlsMenuData is the base class for all simulation menu meta-data. Simulation menu meta-data can be read from and written to streams in order to initialize a menu system, save the state of a menu system (persistence), send the state of a menu system over a network, and to change the state of a menu system at run-time from outside of the program (scripting).

Definition at line 65 of file gls_menu_data.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GlsMenuData::GlsMenuData ( const std::string &  name,
bool  localStorage 

Class constructor.

namename of the data item used for look up.
localStoragetells whether the data being referenced is local to the item or references and external variable.
virtual GlsMenuData::~GlsMenuData ( )

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void GlsMenuData::Inc ( long  amount = 1)

Increment the data item. Derived classes must override this as the default is a no-op.

Reimplemented in GlsMenuDiscrete_T< T >.

Referenced by GlsMenuSet_T< MenuType_t, DataFactory_t >::IncData().

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