GlsRSOLoader API  1.2.4
GlsMap Toolkit API Reference

What is the GlsRSO Loader?

The GlsRSO Loader is an API for loading pre-compiled GL Studio Reusable Software Objects (RSOs).


The purpose for the GlsRSO Loader is to allow for applications to load GL Studio RSOs without needing to link against the GL Studio runtime library.

There are many benefits to using the GlsRSO Loader library. Some users may want to use RSOs in their applications without having to install and link against GL Studio. The RSO container application itself does not require a runtime license, and GL Studio does not need to be installed on the development system. Each RSO encapsulates the GL Studio runtime licensing mechanism, which prevents it from being accessed until the RSO is dynamically loaded.

Another benefit is that the RSO container is completely independent of the GL Studio runtime version used by the RSO. This ensures consistency for the RSO Interface, no matter which GL Studio runtime is used. Thus, the container application behavior and performance will be left unaffected if the RSO’s own GL Studio runtime version ever changes.

Additional Information

See the DiSTI Support Confluence documentation for more information on the GlsRSO Loader.