GlsRSOLoader API  1.5.0
Culler Class Reference

#include <gls_rso_loader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Culler (bool enabled=true)
void ExtractFrustum (disti::RSOInterface1::OpenGLMatrices &currentMatrices)
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 Culler ()

Additional Inherited Members

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bool _enabled
PlaneClass _planes [6]

Detailed Description

Defines culling parameters (ie- clipping planes for frustum culling) for PreDraw

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Culler ( bool  enabled = true)

Culler constructor

enabledWhether or not to actually do the culling test

Member Function Documentation

void ExtractFrustum ( disti::RSOInterface1::OpenGLMatrices currentMatrices)

Reads the current OpenGL projection matrices and determines the six frustum planes.

currentMatricesTransformation matrices to apply to culling planes

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