GlsRSOLoader API  1.5.0
RSOInterface1::LocationEvent Class Reference

#include <rso_interface_1.h>

Inheritance diagram for RSOInterface1::LocationEvent:
RSOInterface1::Event RSOInterface1::KeyboardEvent RSOInterface1::MouseEvent RSOInterface3::MouseMultiTouchEvent

Public Member Functions

Vector WinLoc ()
void WinLoc (Vector value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RSOInterface1::Event
unsigned short EventType ()
void EventType (unsigned short value)
unsigned short EventSubType ()
void EventSubType (unsigned short value)

Public Attributes

Vector _winLoc
- Public Attributes inherited from RSOInterface1::Event
unsigned short _eventType
unsigned short _eventSubtype

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RSOInterface1::Event
enum  EventTypeEnum {
enum  EventSubtypeEnum {
enum  SpecialKeyState {
  SHIFT_STATE = 0x00010000,
  CAPS_LOCK_STATE = 0x00020000,
  CTRL_STATE = 0x00040000,
  ALT_STATE = 0x00080000,
  NUM_LOCK_STATE = 0x00100000,
  META_STATE = 0x00400000,
  SCROLL_LOCK_STATE = 0x00800000,
  BUTTON1_STATE = 0x01000000,
  BUTTON2_STATE = 0x02000000,
  BUTTON3_STATE = 0x04000000

Detailed Description

An event associated with a specific location in the application window. Base class for MouseEvent and KeyboardEvent.

Member Data Documentation

Vector _winLoc

Location of the event in window coordinates x and y window coordinates in pixels. z is from 0.0 -> 1.0 and represents the depth. z == 0 is at the near cliping plane. z == 0.5 represents half way between near and far cliping planes.

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