DataDirector API
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 AttributeChangedEmitter.hThe AttributeChangedEmitter class. Interface class for emitting AttributeChanged events
 ChunkProducer.hThe ChunkProducer class
 ChunkProducerFactory.hThe ChunkProducerFactory class. Factory for creating ChunkProducers
 DDD_AssetBase.hThe DDD_AssetBase class. Base class for Data Director assets
 DDD_AttributeBool.hThe DDD_AttributeBool class. Boolean attribute
 DDD_AttributeDouble.hThe DDD_AttributeDouble class. Double precision floating point attribute
 DDD_AttributeInt.hThe DDD_AttributeInt class. Integer attribute
 DDD_AttributeList.hThe DDD_AttributeList class. Maintains a list of Data Director attributes
 DDD_AttributeString.hThe DDD_AttributeString class. String attribute
 DDD_AttributeUInt.hThe DDD_AttributeUInt class. Unsigned integer attribute
 DDD_ClassInvariant.hThis header defines a DDD_DEBUG only macro for facilitating evaluating class invariants in the Data Director Runtime Library
 DDD_Connection.hThe DDD_Connection class. Base class for connections between assets
 DDD_ConvertAssign.hThe DDD_ConvertAssign class. Data Director converter
 DDD_ConvertBase.hThe DDD_ConvertBase class. Base class for Data Director converters
 DDD_ConvertClamp.hThe DDD_ConvertClamp class. Data Director converter
 DDD_ConvertConstant.hThe DDD_ConvertConstant class. Data Director converter
 DDD_ConverterFactory.hThe DDD_ConverterFactory class. Factory for creating Data Director converters
 DDD_ConvertExpression.hThe DDD_ConvertExpression class
 DDD_ConvertFormat.hThe DDD_ConvertFormat class. Data Director converter for formatted i/o
 DDD_ConvertMean.hThe DDD_ConvertMean class. Data Director converter
 DDD_ConvertOffset.hThe DDD_ConvertOffset class. Data Director converter
 DDD_ConvertScale.hThe DDD_ConvertScale class. Data Director converter
 DDD_DirectoryTraverser.hClass for managing traversing a directory and processing all files that match an extension
 DDD_DynamicLibrary.hA cross-platform class for loading dynamic link libraries and shared objects
 DDD_EventPublisher.hThe DDD_EventPublisher class
 DDD_EventSubscriber.hAbstract base classes for DataDirector event subscribers
 DDD_GlsComponentBaseAdapter.hAdapts a GlsComponentBase to be an RSO_Asset container
 DDD_GlsDisplayFrameAdapter.hAdapts a GlsDisplayFrame to be an RSO_Asset container
 DDD_PerformanceMonitor.hClasses for measuring application performance
 DDD_PluginMgr.hClass for managing converter and asset plugins and adding them to the respective factories
 DDD_ProgressPublisher.hPublishes progress information to a progress subscriber for purposes of displaying a progress bar to the user
 DDD_RevertableAttribute.hThe DDD_RevertableAttribute class. Container for
 DDD_StructuredMemoryAsset.hThe DDD_StructuredMemoryAsset. Data Director asset for ..
 DIS_Producer.hThe DIS_Producer class. Produces attributes from DIS Data PDUs
 dynamic_array.hThe disti::DynamicArray class. A templated array of objects capable of dynamically growing
 dynamic_ptr_array.hThe disti::DynamicPtrArray class. A templated array of objects pointers capable of dynamically growing
 InjectedEventHandlerComponent.hThe InjectedEventHandlerComponent interface
 RawProducer.hThe RawProducer class. Produces attributes from RAW UDP datagrams
 StructuredMemory_XML_Config.hThe StructuredMemory_XML_Config. Utility class that parses an XML config file for the StructuredMemory asset and caches the list of attributes defined by the config file
 timer.hThe disti::Timer class. An OS portable timing class
 XplaneProducer.hThe XplaneProducer class. Produces attributes from XPLANE messages