DataDirector API
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 DataDirector Attributes
 DataDirector Events
 AssetAddedWhenever a new asset is added to the DataDirector
 AssetDeletedWhenever an asset is about to be deleted
 AssetSelectedWhenever an asset has been selected
 AssetShiftedWhenever an asset is shifted up or down within the Director's internal list
 AssetStartedWhenever an asset is started or stopped
 ConfigurationClearedWhenever the DataDirector configuration has been cleared
 ConnectionAddedWhenever a connection has been added
 ConnectionDeletedWhenever a connection has been deleted
 ConnectionSelectedWhenever a connection has been selected
 ConnectionShiftedWhenever a connection has been shifted up/down within the Director's internal list
 ViewerRunningWhenever the DataDirectorViewer has started or stopped running
 XMLConfigLoadingWhenever the DataDirector has started/stopped loading a configuration from XML