GL Studio C++ Runtime API
GlsPainter Class Referenceabstract

#include <gls_painter.h>

Inheritance diagram for GlsPainter:
GlsMimicGroup GlsRSOInterfaceImpl RuntimeDisplayFrame EmbeddedDisplayFrame glsDisplayFrame

Public Member Functions

virtual void Invalidate ()=0

Detailed Description

Interface that can be implemented by a class that is the owner of a frame buffer (e.g. DisplayFrame or GlsMimicGroup). Used to notify the owner of the frame buffer that the conents of the scene has changed and needs to be redrawn.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Invalidate ( )
pure virtual

Notify the painter that the scene needs to be redrawn

Implemented in GlsMimicGroup, RuntimeDisplayFrame, and GlsRSOInterfaceImpl.

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