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GlsMultiView::ViewData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GlsMultiView::ViewData:

Public Member Functions

const ViewDataoperator= (const ViewData &)
virtual void NotifyAttributeChanged (const AttributeName &name)
void SetScreenRect (float bottom, float left, float top, float right)
void GetScreenRect (float *bottom, float *left, float *top, float *right) const
void Bottom (const float &)
float Bottom () const
void Left (const float &)
float Left () const
void Top (const float &)
float Top () const
void Right (const float &)
float Right () const
void AbsolutePixels (const bool &)
bool AbsolutePixels () const
void EyePoint (GlsEyePoint *)
void ClearBackground (const int &)
int ClearBackground () const
void PickGeometry (const bool &)
bool PickGeometry () const
void Visible (bool)
bool Visible () const
void Pickable (bool)
bool Pickable () const
GlsEyePointGetEyePoint (const DisplayObject *heirarchiedObject)
void ForceEyePointReload ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AttributeChangedNotifier
virtual ~AttributeChangedNotifier ()

Member Function Documentation

void AbsolutePixels ( const bool &  )

Set the absolute pixels flag When true, the Left-Right-Top-Bottom values are interpreted as pixel coordinates, otherwise they are percentage of screen space

bool AbsolutePixels ( ) const

Get the absolute pixels flag When true, the Left-Right-Top-Bottom values are interpreted as pixel coordinates, otherwise they are percentage of screen space

void Bottom ( const float &  )

Set the bottom value

float Bottom ( ) const

Gets the bottom value

void ClearBackground ( const int &  )

Sets the clear background mode 0 == Don't Clear; 1 == Clear both; 2 == Depth only; 3 == Color only

See also
int ClearBackground ( ) const

Gets the clear background mode

void EyePoint ( GlsEyePoint )

Sets the eyepoint to view from When NULL, the parent view is used

void ForceEyePointReload ( )

Forces eyepoint reload

GlsEyePoint* GetEyePoint ( const DisplayObject heirarchiedObject)

Finds the eyepoint or returns a previously found one. It will be based on the _desiredEyePoint.

void GetScreenRect ( float *  bottom,
float *  left,
float *  top,
float *  right 
) const

Gets the current screen rectangle

void Left ( const float &  )

Sets the left value

float Left ( ) const

Gets the left value

virtual void NotifyAttributeChanged ( const AttributeName name)

Notify the class that the attribute has changed. Observers of the attribute will have their callbacks called

namethe name of the attribute

Implements AttributeChangedNotifier.

const ViewData& operator= ( const ViewData )

Assignment operator

void Pickable ( bool  )

Sets if this view is pickable If true, and PickGeometry() is false, the view area will be picked

bool Pickable ( ) const

Gets the pickability of this view

void PickGeometry ( const bool &  )

Sets the pick geometry bool When true, the geometry will be traversed with Pick3D in this view.

bool PickGeometry ( ) const

Gets the pick geometry bool

void Right ( const float &  )

Sets the right value

float Right ( ) const

Gets the right value

void SetScreenRect ( float  bottom,
float  left,
float  top,
float  right 

Sets the Screen Rectangle The screen rect is specified in 0.0-1.0 as a ratio of the available viewport e.g. 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0 uses the full screen

void Top ( const float &  )

Sets the top value

float Top ( ) const

Gets the top value

void Visible ( bool  )

Sets the visibility of this view

bool Visible ( ) const

Gets the visibility of this view

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