Python Script Engine  8.0
GL Studio Editor Python Script API
Catalyzer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Catalyzer ()
unsigned int GetScriptCount ()
void AddScript (String scriptPath)
void InsertScriptAtIndex (String scriptPath, unsigned int index)
void RemoveScriptAtIndex (unsigned int index)
String GetScriptAtIndex (unsigned int index)
void RunScripts ()
void SetNeedsReaction ()
RefreshModeType GetRefreshMode ()
void SetRefreshMode (RefreshModeType mode)
bool IsPrefixingObjectNames ()
void SetPrefixingObjectNames (bool enabled)
void DeleteOverriddenProperty (String objectName, String attributeName, OverriddenPropertyType_e typeToDelete=OVERRIDDEN_ALL)
void DeleteAllOverriddenPropertiesOfType (OverriddenPropertyType_e overriddenPropertyType)
std::map< String, std::vector< std::pair< String, String > > > GetOverriddenProperties (OverriddenPropertyType_e overriddenPropertyType=OVERRIDDEN_ALL)
DocumentGetDocument (void)
String GetAttributeValueString (String attribName)
void SetAttributeValueString (String attribName, String value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Group
 Group ()
 Group (DisplayObjectArray *objs)
void Ungroup ()
void InsertObject (DisplayObject *obj, bool reparent=true, bool recalculateBoundingbox=true, int loc=DEFAULT_GROUP_LOCATION, bool renameName=false)
void InsertObjectAllowDuplicateNames (DisplayObject *obj, bool reparent=true, bool recalculateBoundingbox=true, int loc=DEFAULT_GROUP_LOCATION)
void MoveObjectToGroup (DisplayObject *obj, bool recalculateBoundingbox=true, int loc=DEFAULT_GROUP_LOCATION, bool renameName=false)
void MoveObjectToGroupAllowDuplicateNames (DisplayObject *obj, bool recalculateBoundingbox=true, int loc=DEFAULT_GROUP_LOCATION)
void ReorderObject (unsigned int oldIndex, unsigned int newIndex)
DisplayObjectArrayGetObjectList ()
DisplayObjectGetObjectByIndex (unsigned int index)
unsigned int Count (void)
void CalculateTextureCoordinates (void)
void SetGroupLocation (Vertex &v)
void CalculateBoundingBox ()
unsigned int GetCount ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DisplayObject
bool isNULL (void)
String GetName ()
String SetName (String name)
void SetProtectionMode (DisplayObject::MemberAccess_e mode)
DisplayObject::MemberAccess_e GetProtectionMode (void)
void SetLocked (bool val)
bool GetLocked (void)
bool GetGenerateMemberVariable ()
void SetGenerateMemberVariable (bool b)
bool GetAntiAliasing ()
void SetAntiAliasing (bool antiAliasing)
bool GetBlinking ()
void SetBlinking (bool blinking)
float GetBlinkRate ()
void SetBlinkRate (float rate)
int GetAlphaMode ()
void SetAlphaMode (int mode)
bool GetCullBackFaces ()
void SetCullBackFaces (bool cullFaces)
bool GetZBufferTestedFlag ()
void SetZBufferTestedFlag (bool tested)
bool GetAffectZBufferFlag ()
void SetAffectZBufferFlag (bool affect)
bool GetLightingEnabledFlag ()
void SetLightingEnabledFlag (bool enabled)
DisplayObject::PickableType_e GetPickMode ()
void SetPickMode (DisplayObject::PickableType_e mode)
bool GetVisibilityFlag ()
void SetVisibilityFlag (bool visible)
PolygonClose_e GetClosePolygonFlag ()
void SetClosePolygonFlag (PolygonClose_e closePolygon)
PolygonMode_e GetPolygonMode ()
void SetPolygonMode (PolygonMode_e polygonMode)
ShadingType_e GetShadingMode ()
void SetShadingMode (ShadingType_e shadingMode)
Vertex GetLocation ()
void SetLocation (Vertex loc)
Vertex GetRotationPoint ()
void SetRotationPoint (Vertex rotPoint)
GlsMatrixAffineGetDcsMatrix ()
void SetDcsMatrix (GlsMatrixAffine *matrix)
int GetMaterialIndex ()
void SetMaterialIndex (int matIndex)
String GetObjectClassName ()
int GetTextureIndex ()
void SetTextureIndex (int texIndex)
TextureMap_e GetTextureMappingTechnique ()
void SetTextureMappingTechnique (TextureMap_e mappingTechnique)
bool GetTextureRepeat ()
void SetTextureRepeat (bool repeat)
disti::GlsColor GetBlendingColor ()
void SetBlendingColor (GlsColor blendColor)
DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e GetTextureMagnificationFilter ()
void SetTextureMagnificationFilter (DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e filter)
DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e GetTextureMinificationFilter ()
void SetTextureMinificationFilter (DisplayObject::TextureFilter_e filter)
std::vector< VectorGetTextureCoordinates ()
void SetTextureCoordinates (std::vector< Vector > &texVerts)
void GetTextureCoordinates (VertexArray *texVerts)
void SetTextureCoordinates (VertexArray &texVerts)
void GetTexturePoints (VertexArray *texVerts)
void SetTexturePoints (VertexArray &texVerts)
void SetTexturePoints (std::vector< Vector > &texVerts)
std::vector< VectorGetTexturePoints ()
void GetVertices (VertexArray *verts)
void SetVertices (VertexArray &verts)
String GetInitialization ()
void SetInitialization (String initCode)
String GetCallbackCode ()
void SetCallbackCode (String cbCode)
DisplayObjectDuplicateObject (Document *doc=NULL)
DisplayObjectTessellateObject ()
DisplayObjectExtrudeObject (float amount)
void RotateObject (float amount, RotationAxis_e axis)
void TranslateObject (float x, float y, float z)
void ScaleObject (float x, float y, float z, Vertex *anchor=NULL)
void LineWidth (float width)
float LineWidth ()
LineStyle_e LineStyle ()
void LineStyle (LineStyle_e style)
GlsColor LineColor ()
void LineColor (GlsColor color)
GlsColor FillColor ()
void FillColor (GlsColor color)
void GetExtents (Vector &min, Vector &max)
bool HasUserDefinedAttribute (String attribName)
std::map< String, String > GetUserDefinedAttributes ()
String GetUserDefinedAttributeValue (String attribName)
 typemap (check) String attribName
void SetUserDefinedAttributeValue (String attribName, String value)
DisplayObjectGetParent ()
DocumentGetDocument ()
String AlternateClassName ()
void AlternateClassName (String name)
String GetAlternateClassHeaderFile ()
void SetAlternateClassHeaderFile (String name)
String GetResources ()
String GetRuntimeResources (bool recursive)
String GetAttributeValueString (String attribName)
void SetAttributeValueString (String attribName, String value)
unsigned int RegisterObserver (String attribName, PyObject *pyfunc)
void UnregisterObserver (String attribName, unsigned int id)
std::vector< VectorGetNormals ()
void SetNormals (std::vector< Vector > &normals)
std::vector< CustomAttributeInfoGetExtraAttributes ()
DisplayObjectCloneObject ()
void CopyProperties (DisplayObject *sourceObj)
void SetLocation (Vector loc)
GlsMatrixAffine GetObjectCoordinatesTransform (DisplayObject *targetObject)
void CalculateParentBoundingBox ()
void SetOrigin (Vertex &vert)

Module Methods

Methods that can be called on the module.

static CatalyzerCastToCatalyzer (DisplayObject *obj)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DisplayObject
enum  MemberAccess_e {
enum  PickableType_e {
enum  PolygonClose_e {
enum  PolygonMode_e {
enum  ShadingType_e {
enum  TextureMap_e {
enum  TextureFilter_e {
enum  TessellateType_e {
enum  RotationAxis_e {
enum  LineStyle_e {
enum  AlphaMode_e {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Group
static GroupCastToGroup (DisplayObject *obj)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Group
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DisplayObject
static int TEXTURE_INDEX_NONE = -1

Detailed Description

Python engine extension for the Catalzyer editor object.

See also
Enumeration: RefreshModeType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Catalyzer::Catalyzer ( )

Creates an empty catalyzer.

Member Function Documentation

void Catalyzer::AddScript ( String  scriptPath)

Add a script to the end of the list.

scriptPaththe path to the script
static Catalyzer* Catalyzer::CastToCatalyzer ( DisplayObject obj)

Casts the specified object to a Catalyzer.

void Catalyzer::DeleteAllOverriddenPropertiesOfType ( OverriddenPropertyType_e  overriddenPropertyType)

Delete and stop tracking a filtered subset of all Overridden Properties of a Catalyzer.

overriddenPropertyTypeenum to filter which type of overridden properties are removed
void Catalyzer::DeleteOverriddenProperty ( String  objectName,
String  attributeName,
OverriddenPropertyType_e  typeToDelete = OVERRIDDEN_ALL 

Delete and stop tracking an individual Overridden Property of a Catalyzer.

objectNameThe full Child (object) name as String
attributeNamethe full Property (attribute) name as String
typeToDeleteOverriddenPropertyType of the property to be deleted, resolvng possible ambiguity
String Catalyzer::GetAttributeValueString ( String  attribName)

Gets the value for a single attribute of the object.

See also
GL Studio 6.0.1
Document* Catalyzer::GetDocument ( void  )

Retrieves the display object's document.

Document * the object's document
GL Studio 6.0.1
std::map< String , std::vector< std::pair< String , String > > > Catalyzer::GetOverriddenProperties ( OverriddenPropertyType_e  overriddenPropertyType = OVERRIDDEN_ALL)

Get a dictionary of all Overriden Properties pairs of a specific catalyzer filtered by enum type.

overriddenPropertyTypeenum by which overriddenProperties is filtered (default to OVERRIDDEN_ALL)
dictionary of two vectors of String pairs corresponding to Child Name and Property Name split into Local and Referenced
RefreshModeType Catalyzer::GetRefreshMode ( )

Gets the Refresh Mode.

The Refresh Mode that was set via SetRefreshMode() This only differs from CurrentRefreshMode() when when REFRESH_SCRIPT_CONTROLLED is set
String Catalyzer::GetScriptAtIndex ( unsigned int  index)

Get the script path at the specified index.

indexthe index of the script to retrieve
the script path. Will be fully qualified path, regardless of user settings concerning absolute path.
unsigned int Catalyzer::GetScriptCount ( )

Get the number of scripts.

void Catalyzer::InsertScriptAtIndex ( String  scriptPath,
unsigned int  index 

Insert a script before the specified index.

scriptPaththe path to the script
indexthe index to add the script at
bool Catalyzer::IsPrefixingObjectNames ( )

Get the status of the Prefix Object Names flag to see if object prefixes are enabled.

the status of object name prefixes
void Catalyzer::RemoveScriptAtIndex ( unsigned int  index)

Remove a script at the specified index.

indexthe index of the script to remove
void Catalyzer::RunScripts ( )

Run the scripts.

void Catalyzer::SetAttributeValueString ( String  attribName,
String  value 

Sets the value for a single attribute of the object.

See also
GL Studio 6.0.1
void Catalyzer::SetNeedsReaction ( )

Sets the flag if the reactions need to be run on this catalyzer.

void Catalyzer::SetPrefixingObjectNames ( bool  enabled)

Set the Prefix Object Names flag.

enabledthe desired state of the Prefix Object Names flag
void Catalyzer::SetRefreshMode ( RefreshModeType  mode)

Set the Refresh Mode to control when reactions fire.

modedesired Refresh Mode to be set

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