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PackageManager::Package Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Kitting::ComparableVersion GetRequiredGLStudioVersion () override
Kitting::Version GetVersion ()
Kitting::ComparableVersionGetReferencedVersion ()
String GetName ()
String GetPlatform ()
String GetDescription ()
String GetPackagePath ()
bool IsReference ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Kitting::HasRequiredGLStudioVerison
virtual ~HasRequiredGLStudioVerison ()

Detailed Description

Class representing a package, either inside a zip file or extracted to a project.

Member Function Documentation

String PackageManager::Package::GetDescription ( )

Returns the package's self-reported description.

String PackageManager::Package::GetName ( )

Returns the package's self-reported name.

String PackageManager::Package::GetPackagePath ( )

Returns the package's self-reported path.

String PackageManager::Package::GetPlatform ( )

Returns the package's self-reported platform.

Kitting::ComparableVersion* PackageManager::Package::GetReferencedVersion ( )

Returns the comparable version used to find the correct package version if the package is a reference.

Kitting::ComparableVersion PackageManager::Package::GetRequiredGLStudioVersion ( )
Kitting::Version PackageManager::Package::GetVersion ( )

Returns the self-reported version number of the package.

bool PackageManager::Package::IsReference ( )

Returns whether or not this package is installed as a reference or not.

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