GlsRSOLoader API  1.2.4
GlsRSOLoader Namespace Reference

Namespace for loading RSOs. More...


class  Culler
class  GlsResourceFilter
class  OpenGLMatrices
class  ResourceMethodCallback
class  RSOReference
class  Timer


RSOReferenceLoadRSO (const char *fileName, const char *className=0, bool absolutePlacement=true)
void DestroyRSO (RSOReference *)
void SetOpenGLDefaultState (bool pushState)
void RestoreOpenGLState ()
template<class Class >
disti::RSOInterface4::ResourceObserverCreateResourceMethodCallback (Class *const obj, const typename ResourceMethodCallback< Class >::Callback method)

Detailed Description

Namespace for loading RSOs.

Function Documentation

disti::RSOInterface4::ResourceObserver* GlsRSOLoader::CreateResourceMethodCallback ( Class *const  obj,
const typename ResourceMethodCallback< Class >::Callback  method 

Create an ResourceObserver that will call a class method whenever the attribute changes.

objthe object to call the method on
methoda class method pointer
void GlsRSOLoader::DestroyRSO ( RSOReference )

Delete an RSO reference

RSOReference* GlsRSOLoader::LoadRSO ( const char *  fileName,
const char *  className = 0,
bool  absolutePlacement = true 

Create RSO static This will load the specified DLL and try to create the specified class. It will return the RSO1Reference* on success, and NULL on failure.

fileNameThe name of the DLL
classNameThe class name to create. If NULL, the default class will be created.
absolutePlacementInitial value of AbsolutePlacement
NULL on failure.
void GlsRSOLoader::RestoreOpenGLState ( )

Call this after calling SetOpenGLDefaultState with saveVal == true. DO NOT call this after calling SetOpenGLDefaultState with saveVal == false because this will pop the attribute stack.

void GlsRSOLoader::SetOpenGLDefaultState ( bool  pushState)

Sets up the OpenGL Pipeline to the state expected by RSO drawing.

pushStateWhether or not to save values. If true, this will call glPushClientAttrib(GL_CLIENT_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS) and glPushAttrib(GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS). You should call RestoreOpenGLState() after drawing to pop the attributes.