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AttributeChangedNotifier Class Referenceabstract

#include <disti_metadata.h>

Inheritance diagram for AttributeChangedNotifier:
DisplayFrame DisplayObject GlsMultiView::ViewData ComponentBase RuntimeDisplayFrame GLPolygon GLPolygonGlyph GlsCylinder GlsDynamicPath GlsEyePoint GlsGeometryResourceMesh GlsLightSource GlsLinearFloatController GlsNurbCurve GlsPathManager GlsSphere Group

Public Member Functions

virtual void NotifyAttributeChanged (const AttributeName &name)=0
virtual ~AttributeChangedNotifier ()

Detailed Description

Interface for notifying when attributes have changed

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~AttributeChangedNotifier ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual void NotifyAttributeChanged ( const AttributeName name)
pure virtual

Notify the class that the attribute has changed. Observers of the attribute will have their callbacks called

namethe name of the attribute

Implemented in DisplayObject, ComponentBase, DisplayFrame, and GlsMultiView::ViewData.

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