GL Studio API
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 bmpimage.hThe BmpImage class. Implements loading BMP image files
 callback_caller.hThe disti::CallbackMethodCallerTemplate class and global enumerations
 callback_caller_base.hThe CallbackMethodCallerBase class
 component_base.hThe disti::ComponentBase class
 component_light_mgr.hThe disti::ComponentLightMgr class
 cull.hThe disti::Culler class. Implements view frustum culling
 dds.hThis header defines constants and structures that are needed to parse DDS files
 ddsfile.hDDS file loading functions
 ddsimage.hThe DDSImageLoader class. Implements loading DDS image files
 ddsutil.hFunctions for loading a DDS texture without using D3DX
 display.hThe disti::DisplayObject class and global enumerations
 display_frame.hThe disti::DisplayFrame class
 display_types.hGL Studio Enumerations and constants
 disti_assert.hContains the DistiAssert macro
 disti_include.hA file for all GL Studio files to include
 disti_metadata.hThe disti metadata
 dynamic_array.hThe disti::DynamicArray class. A templated array of objects capable of dynamically growing
 dynamic_library.hA cross-platform class for loading dynamic link libraries and shared objects
 editor_object_base.hDefines a base class which editor objects can derive
 effect_diff_norm_spec_refl.hRender effect that supports diffuse, normal, specular, and reflection maps
 events.hThe standard Mouse and keyboard events and event structures
 file_path_class.hA class to handle file paths
 frame_buffer_utility.hUtility for common frame buffer support
 gifimage.hThe GifLoaderImage class. Implements loading GIF image files
 global_light_mgr.hThe disti::GlobalLightMgr
 glpolygon.hThe disti::GLPolygon class. Implements Polygons
 glpolygon_glyph.hImplementation of the disti::GLPolygonGlyph Primitive Class for text objects
 gls_3d_cable.hThe disti::Gls3DCable class
 gls_advanced_mesh.hThe disti::GlsAdvancedMesh class
 gls_angular_scale.hThe disti::GlsAngularScale class and global enumerations
 gls_auto_lib.hThe gls_auto_lib
 gls_button.hThe disti::GlsButton class
 gls_clipping_group.hThe disti::GlsClippingGroup class
 gls_color.hThe Color class: Implements a 4 component RGBA color
 gls_cpp_lang_support.hMacros and helper code to determine what subset of C++11/14/17 is available
 gls_ctl_text_box.hThe disti::GlsCTLTextBox class
 gls_cylinder.hThe disti::GlsCylinder class
 gls_default_font.hThe gls_default_font class
 gls_display_frame.hDisti::glsDisplayFrame class. The class for creating standalone executables
 gls_display_list.hThe disti::GlsDisplayList class
 gls_dynamic_path.hThe disti::GlsDynamicPath class and global enumerations
 gls_ellipse.hThe disti::GlsEllipse class
 gls_eyepoint.hThe disti::GlsEyePoint class. Implements eyepoints
 gls_font_base.hThe disti::GlsFontBase class and related classes
 gls_font_man.hThe disti::GlsFontMan class
 gls_font_renderer.hThe disti::GlsFontRenderer class and related classes
 gls_geometry_resource.hThe disti::GlsGeometryResource class
 gls_geometry_resource_mesh.hThe disti::GlsGeometryResourceMesh class
 gls_gl.hThe gls_gl
 gls_include.hA file for all GL Studio files to include
 gls_knob.hThe disti::GlsKnob class
 gls_light_source.hThe disti::GlsLightSource class
 gls_linear_float_controller.hImplementation of GlsLinearFloatController
 gls_linear_scale.hThe disti::GlsLinearScale class
 gls_lod_group.hThe disti::GlsLodGroup class
 gls_matrix.hThe GlsMatrix class
 gls_matrix_affine.hThe GlsMatrixAffine class
 gls_metadata_attributes.hDefines templated metadata classes for DisplayObjects and other uses
 gls_movie_texture.hThe GlsMovieTexture class
 gls_moving_eye.hThe disti::GlsMovingEye class
 gls_multi_view.hThe disti::GlsMultiView class
 gls_mutex.hA cross platform mutex implementation
 gls_mutex_group.hThe disti::GlsMutexGroup class
 gls_nine_patch.hThe disti::GlsNinePatch class
 gls_nurb_curve.hThe disti::GlsNurbCurve class
 gls_odometer.hThe disti::GlsOdometer class
 gls_path_manager.hThe disti::GlsPathManager class and global enumerations
 gls_poly_line.hThe disti::GlsPolyLine class
 gls_quaternion.hThe disti::GlsQuaternion class
 gls_render_effect.hThe disti::GlsRenderEffect class
 gls_render_view_change_manager.hRenderViewChangeManager to smooth updating of the render view
 gls_resources.hDisti::GlsResourceFilter classes and methods
 gls_rso_container_util.hStandard GL Studio implementation of the rso interface (container side), disti::GlsRSO1_ResourceFilterImpl
 gls_rso_interface_3_impl.hStandard GL Studio implementation of the safe interface to version 2 RSOs (component side)
 gls_rso_wrapper.hThe disti::GlsRSOWrapper class
 gls_runtime_font_base.hThe disti::GlsRuntimeFontBase class and related classes
 gls_schematic_poly_line_interconnect.hThe disti::GlsSchematicPolyLineInterconnect class
 gls_schematic_tee_interconnect.hThe disti::GlsSchematicTeeInterconnect class
 gls_serial_morph_mesh.hThe disti::GlsSerialMorphMesh class
 gls_sphere.hThe disti::GlsSphere class
 gls_switch.hThe disti::GlsSwitch class
 gls_text.hThe disti::GlsText class
 gls_text_box.hThe disti::GlsTextBox class
 gls_text_grid.hThe disti::GlsTextGrid class
 gls_thumb_wheel.hThe disti::GlsThumbWheel class
 gls_unicode_font_base.hThe disti::GlsUnicodeFontBase class and related classes
 gls_video_to_texture.hThe GlsVideoToTexture class
 GlsArialRegular12.hThe GlsArialRegular12 class
 glsutil.hGL Studio helper functions
 gltrimesh.hThe disti::GLTriMesh class. Implements Triangle Meshes
 group.hThe disti::Group class. Implements groups of objects
 image.hThe Image class. All textures are converted internally into Images
 image_loaders.hThe image_loaders file
 input_handler.hThe input handler interface
 jpeg_util.hThe jpeg_util file
 jpegimage.hThe JpegImage class. Implements loading JPEG image files
 list.hThe List_c class. Generic linked list
 live_component_accessor.hThe disti::LiveComponentAccessor class
 live_component_lib_ref.hThe disti::LiveComponentLibRef class declaration
 material.hThe disti::Material class
 message.hThe Message functions. Implements Messages to the user in the form of pop-up dialog boxes, using FLTK windows
 message_dialogs.hThe Message functions. Implements Messages to the user in the form of pop-up dialog boxes, using FLTK windows
 plugin.hThe base class for GL Studio plugin file loaders, disti::Plugin
 plugin_interface_version.hUsed for matching version of plugins with the compatible builds of the editor
 pngimage.hThe PngImage class. Implements loading PNG image files
 psdimage.hThe PSDLoaderImage class. Implements loading Photo Shop (PSD) image files
 rgbimage.hThe RgbImageLoader class. Implements loading RGB image files
 rso_interface_1.hDefines the RSO interface, which provides a generic way of accessing RSOs and other content, disti::RSOInterface1
 rso_interface_2.hDefines the RSO interface v2, which provides a generic way of accessing RSOs and other content, disti::RSOInterface2
 rso_interface_3.hDefines the RSO interface v3, which extends v2 to add multitouch support through the HandleMultiTouchInput method
 runtime_display_frame.hThe disti::RuntimeDisplayFrame class, parent class of all DisplayFrames used in runtime code
 runtime_message_dialogs.hThe Message functions. Implements Messages to the user in the form of pop-up dialog boxes, using FLTK windows
 scoped_ptr.hScoped ptr
 sound.hThe disti::SoundSystem class. Allows playback of digitized audio
 sound_legacy.hThe disti::SoundSystem class. Allows playback of digitized audio
 splash_display.hThe SplashDisplay class
 statistics.hThe disti::Statistics class. Tracks and displays runtime performance
 tessellate.hTesselator functions. Allows tesselation of complex polygons into simple ones
 texture_loader.hThe TextureLoader and TextureLoaderList classes
 texture_palette.hThe disti::TexturePalette class
 tgaimage.hThe TgaImage class. Implements loading TGA image files
 tiffimage.hThe TiffImage class. Implements loading TIFF image files
 timer.hThe disti::Timer class. An OS portable timing class
 tlist.hA templated list, disti::TList
 traverser.hThe disti::TraverseGroup class and corresponding Traverse namespace
 unhide_globals.hThe DistiUnhideGlobalsDummyClass class
 util.hGenerally useful defines, macros, enumerations and function prototypes
 version.hUsed for matching version of libraries and headers
 vertex.hThe disti::Vertex class. A class for manipulating 3D vertices
 weak_reference.hWeak reference and related classes
 weak_referenceable_mixin.hWeak reference and related classes
 xpmimage.hThe XpmImageLoader class. Implements loading XPM image files